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Our Business software was created to serve the needs of institutions that follow fund-based accounting rules. It is very much budget-oriented, with automatic budget confirmation at many points in the flow of data entry and reporting. Key features include the following:

  • Consistent emphasis on the budget and budgetary control

  • Logical integration between HR/Payroll, Finance and Student modules

  • Highly intuitive online process interface with point-and-click navigation

  • Function- and account-level security to enable local determination of roles and actions

  • Highly flexible account structure, supporting as many as 34 unedited characters (43 edited characters) in a locally defined element sequence

  • Table-defined data mapping maximizes the "fit" of the system to district requirements

  • Various workflow procedures that increase efficiency while reducing paperwork

  • Intuitive application of security concepts, permits local definition of job and workgroup responsibilities with appropriate security and flexibility

  • Employee access to data such as paid time off, check history, salary information and much more

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