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Education Solutions Development (ESD) has been meeting the challenge of keeping educational institutions ready for the next level of technological innovation for over 30 years. As a full-service provider, we develop, implement, and support a complete suite of integrated applications for educational administration, including both business modules (Finance, Payroll, Human Resources, and State Reporting) and student modules (SIS, GradeBook, Student-Parent Portal, and State Reporting).

Not every school district is the same. We understand that although every school district must perform the same core functions, district policies and procedures can vary widely. Therefore, we specialize in tailoring our software and implementation services to meet the unique needs of each district. Whether you need to implement a specialized grading policy or hiring practice, we can adapt our solutions and services to meet your specific needs.

ESD develops solutions for institutions of all sizes. Our professional employees have decades of experience in educational administration and information management. And our technical services division is skilled in virtually all areas of advanced application development, data communications, and system integration. A partnership with ESD means you can be sure your project is completed without external contractors or organizations.

We are especially proud of the long-term relationships we have maintained with many of our current customers. These relationships have endured as a result of highly reliable software performance and dedicated customer support services. These are the driving forces behind our success - product quality and dedication to customer satisfaction.

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