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At ESD we are more than just a software provider. We offer a complete solution that includes way more than software. Our complete solution includes software designed to meet the unique processes and regulatory needs of your district, as well as extensive support services that ensure you and all your district’s users can use and manage the software easily and effectively. Providing exceptional system support is where the experience of the ESD Services Team shines.

Our ESD Service Team consultants are with you before, during, and after the software implementation. Whether it is performing a business process review, converting your legacy data, providing user training, or providing support for that first critical payroll or report card run, our consultants will be there to make sure each step is accomplished efficiently and effectively. Below are just a few of the services we can provide:




• Gap Analysis
• Business Process Review
• Infrastructure Review

• Environment Configuration
• Software installation
• Business Process Design
• Data Conversion
• Software Configuration
• User Training
• Technical Training
• User Documentation

• Post-Implementation Reviews
• On-Site Key Date Support

Just because your district is “live” and using the ESD software, doesn’t mean our job is done. With your annual maintenance contract you will continue to receive the latest and greatest software updates containing new features and processes. Any software updates required to accommodate changes in Federal or State reporting are also included as part of your annual maintenance. Additionally, our support desk is available to answer your questions about the day-to-day use of the software. Often, you will find that your questions are answered by the consultant who supported your implementation and has intimate knowledge of your processes. We also provide annual webinars to our supported customers for those “once-a-year” processes like W-2s, Budget Roll, Course Catalog Roll, and Scheduling.

Our services extend beyond consulting; “Development” is a large part of our name and what we do. At ESD we have the experience and the resources to everything from the smallest district-specific customization to fully integrated sub-systems. We are also experts in designing interfaces between our software and other systems your district may be using. Whether your need is .NET web services, XML, or flat files, we have the resources you need to keep your auxiliary systems accurate and in synch with your ESD software.

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