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Across the country the mantra of "Do more with less" is being heard from every mountain top.  School districts are no exception.  The recent reductions in Federal and State funding are requiring across-the-board budget cuts in every area of the district. Yet, accountability demands are coming in from every direction; State, Federal, School Board, parents and the media.  Without a strong technical foundation to ensure that the information required to meet these demands is correct and timely, the district risks losing out on potential funding.


ESD's administrative systems help to distribute the work load and assure that data is both timely and accurate.  Our systems enable districts to replace labor intensive paper processes with automated ones that spread the task of entering data and manage the review process.  Whether it is a teacher entering grades, a department clerk entering a requisition or an employee entering a timesheet, they all have the supporting information available to make sure that their task is correct the first time.


A key philosophy of ESD is that we help districts achieve a self-service model.  In this internet age everyone expects to have the information that they want and need right at their fingertips.  This is especially true when it comes to a service provider such as a school district.


         Our GradeBook provides a teacher with all the key information that they need to address the needs of each student. 

         Our Parent Portal provides a parent with the information and communication channels that they need to be proactive in helping their child be successful in school. 

         Our Employee Portal provides an employee with the information and means to manage their finances and career.

         Our core systems (Student Information, Finance, HR/Payroll) provide the user with the ability to access the information via a query or report that they need to make key business decisions.


An additional benefit of providing your constituents a high level of self-service is that it frees overburdened administrative staff from mundane tasks and allows them to focus on value added assignments.


Achieving this level of service requires more than just installing new software and providing a little training.  You need a partner who understands how your district works and has the experience to guide it to where you want it to be.  Our team of consultants and analyst take the time to make certain that our solutions are tailored to meet your goals.  As well as, reassure your staff that they are ready to take the wheel when the time comes.


ESD has the software and expertise to help you address today's challenges and prepare your district for tomorrow's.


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