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Student Information Solutions

ESD .NET 2.0 offers a comprehensive Student Information and Management System. The data is available in real time for either school-based or district-wide reporting.  ESD .NET 2.0 SIS provides efficiency, flexibility, and ease of use. The Student Information System will allow:

  • Total management and reporting of student records, including demographic, discipline, attendance, medical, and many other areas

  • The entry of attendance, grades, progress codes, and other data via the Internet

  • A fully integrated GradeBook, Parent Portal, and Student Portal

  • Complete access to student records by all qualified administrators, including counselors and office staff

  • Comprehensive security, enabling all users to be limited in their ability to view, change, and store information

  • The ability to preserve and report on special education information

  • The ability to generate reports at all levels building, district, board, and state

  • And much more...

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