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The ESD .NET 2.0 solution utilizes the Microsoft Reporting Services component which is part of SQL Server 2005. Reporting Services is a robust reporting engine and report writer that ESD .NET has leveraged to develop the reports required to efficiently operate a school district. Reporting Services can also be used as the district’s custom report writer. The product is easy to use and is connected directly to the database for quick report generation.


User Driven Reporting (UDR) is a unique tool allowing all district stakeholders – administrators, principals, counselors, teachers, and even the Superintendent – to easily access data for decision-making purposes. The application does not rely on third party tools like Crystal Reports or Cognos to generate queries to the system. However, ESD .NET does integrate and support these products, if desired by the district. UDR is an easy to use query tool where the data is renamed using plain and simple English terms. In an easy point-and-click environment, UDR allows novice computer users to access the data and create reports. UDR dynamically builds the required SQL commands based on the data elements selected, thereby making all data easily accessible for querying and analysis.


Reports are spread across modules and range from simple list types to more complicated processing-driven reports, such as transcripts, grade mailers, and attendance reports. All reports are accessible from within the application and accessible based on user security. Standard reports allow for data to be exported into common formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PDF formats. Users select reports from a list describing each report and set the parameters and filter criteria for the report. The report is then generated allowing users to view or print it from their screen.


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